CONGRATULATIONS!  You have made the Decision to Purchase Your FIRST HOME!

Now that you've made this decision you're probably thinking "What now? What's next?" Well those are fantastic questions! 

  1. Mutual Decision to work together: It is important for us to work together because you choose to and never because you have to. I would like to be the number one choice for all your friends, family, and your own personal real estate needs for years to come. It is also important that you understand how I am compensated for the services that I provide to you. These funds typically come from the transaction and the seller's proceeds, however other options are available depending on the structure of our relationship.
  2. Solidify Financing: Understanding how you will be funding the purchase of your house well in advance will strengthen your negotiation position and give you opportunity to make smart decisions suitable to your lifestyle. I have great relationships with experts who will be able to assist you in discovering your options. Click here to get pre-approved
  3. Begin Reviewing Homes: I have access to some of the most cutting edge technologies available to refine your search and narrow down our options before we get out to look at homes. This is designed to save you time and ensure that you view the very best matches suited to your criteria. Contact Me and lets Start your search!
  4. BookAppointments for Viewing: This is the fun part of your home hunting process! We get to head out in the communities of your choice and look at the top properties that we have selected together to find the one to become your FIRST HOME!
  5. Write an Offer & Satisfy Conditions: Once we find a home you like, we can work with the seller to get an offer accepted! Typically, most offers once agreed upon are still conditional or subject to the buyer verifying information such as home inspection and/or getting financial commitment from a lender.
  6. Move In: Crack the champagne and invite over your friends for the moving party! YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!